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Random from Art for Me

Art that was created for Me! (either gifts, or commissions)

I love getting art :o



Sketchy Thing-A-Ma-Jigs

These are 300x300, full body character, with a transparent background.
Lines will be left sketchy, basic coloring under the sketch, and a scribble of color behind the character.

I will do any Animal, but no humans in these please.
$5 USD via Paypal is preferred method of payment.

To order, please Note me with the following form. I will then respond to your message, stating whether or not I accept the commission. If I accept I will give you my paypal address, and the work will be started once payment is received.

Character Reference:- must have some form of reference (clear photo ok)
Action/personality: (you can tell me specifically what the character should be doing, or you can give me a general sense of the character's personality, Or you can tell me "whatever" and i'll go hog wild and do whatever comes natural to me :P


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TaksArt's Profile Picture
Lacey "Tak" Ewald
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am Tak (Lacey Ewald)

I am a 'hobby' artist, with a degree in Zoo Keeping technology, and a passion for Animals. I currently work as an Animal Care Specialist: Behavior, at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

Friends/Family you should certainly check out.

Commissions- Open (USD via paypal only)
Trades- Might Consider
Requests- Closed

-Currently Working on-
need to paint things for Denver comic Con May 2015

Taks Characters || TaksArt on Facebook


Adeliza by TaksArt
First, a little about Octorats
Common Name: Octorat - subspecies Hairless Octorat

Class- Cephalomammaliapoda
Order- Octorodentiapoda
Family- Muripodidae
Genus- Rattupus
Species- two known subspecies- Wrinklepodicus and Furapodensis 

Octorats have a total of eight tentacles, two of which are modified by being shortened for transferring food to the mouth. Octorats are known for tasting, and chewing on, anything they can put into their mouths.

While the haired variant of Octorat can be found all over the world's oceans, the hairless are more specifically located in tropical areas due to their trouble with thermoregulation.

Hairless Octorats possess the ability to alter their skin pigmentation, much like most cephalopods. It is suspected that the haired subspecies still maintains this ability, but due to their dense fur, it can not be seen, and as of yet, nobody has tried to shave an octorat down to confirm this.

Octorats are often considered a pest to seafaring vessels, often chewing through hulls, and important cargo. 

Octorats were first discovered in 2010, with this little specimen: Octorat by TaksArt 
A second specimen was not discovered until 2013: Octorat the Sequel by TaksArt 

The hairless variation did not come to be discovered until 2014, with the specimen pictured at the top

Some field studies have documented the Octorat's love for eating unoccupied hermit crab shells, as well as their devotion to rearing their young, which are hatched from eggs.
Octoratsdoodles by TaksArt 

Octorats & Hairless Octorats (c) TaksArt
These are a closed species. You may NOT make one.

I've been threatening to make a Hairless variant to my species for awhile now. 
I figured when I did, I may as well make an actual Character (thus the character sheet).

Adeliza is a bold and inquisitive octorat. She can be described as 'grabby' and blunt. 

If you are interested in an octorat character, say so in the comments. I am wavering on the edge of whether or not to make a FEW octorat characters for sale. It would be a VERY few, as this species has been dear to me for quite awhile now (they are even featured on my current business cards).

IF i went through with making a few, there would likely be one hairless, and 2-3 haired. The hairless variation is much harder to come by, with their much smaller distribution, and they often compete over habitat and resources with their haired species, after all.....

Snowflake catch by TaksArt
Snowflake catch
Mexican Gray Wolf at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs
Went up during a snow storm. froze my fingers off, but had an enjoyable time just the same.

I'm a volunteer photographer there now, so I was trying to get some snowy photos for their facebook posts :)
TCIT for Allsosaine by TaksArt
TCIT for Allsosaine
Took a sketch trade with :iconallsosaine:
I got really into it though, and so upgraded it to a Monochrome colored sketch, for fun :p

Hopefully they don't mind. :o

T.C.I.T belongs to :iconallsosaine: 
Such an awesome character, especially since it includes one of my favorite species of arachnid! (which i sketched in very poorly at the last minute o-o...oops)

Custom Character Sketchbook

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 3:05 PM

I have seen others do sales like this, and it has always appealed to me. Thought I'd give it a go. :o

What This Is About

I will take a 5.5x8.5 100 page sketchbook and fill it with artwork based on your creative prompts. You may give me up to 5 characters to work with/create artwork for. You may give me general personality traits, and a list of Ideas on what kind of themes to draw your characters in. You will not be giving me exact orders for every sketch though! it defeats the purpose of me really getting to explore your characters :P

the amount of pictures (sketch, and full color) you receive will be purely based on the bidding.

Sketchbook will be shipped to you, though I will also share several of the pages online via my art gallery. You will be welcome to save/share the digital copies, or scan them in yourself at a later time to share. You may NOT edit, sell, or take credit for any of the artwork in the book. 

This will simply be a book of artwork of your characters for you to enjoy. Like with all of my other commissions, I maintain the right to use pictures of the artwork as examples of my work, with credit for the characters being given to you of course.

What Will be In the Book

The amount of images will be based on the bidding level. (see below).

There will be a mixture of Sketched images (done in either pencil, ink, or marker), from quick to refined. Sketches will vary in type, as well as size. Sometimes a page may contain 3-4 separate sketches, sometimes it will be one larger refined piece. Generally sketch commissions alone are priced at approximately $2-$5 each

As well as full colored images (done in prismacolor markers, paint, or colored pencils. Often times it will be mixed of all 3 types). Full colored images will be completed pictures, and will take up an entire page for themselves. Generally full colored traditional images such as these are priced at $15-$20 each

Samples of my work-

-Full color-
The Bidding Levels

Level 1- $50 - $99
This includes 15 Pages of sketches, (minimum of 30 sketches) and 1 Full colored completed image

Level 2 $100-149
This includes 25 pages of sketches, (minimum of 50 sketches) and 2 full colored completed images

Level 3 $150-$199
This includes 30 pages of sketches, (minimum of 60 sketches) and 3 full colored completed images

Level 4 $200-$249 
This includes 35 Pages of sketches, (minimum of 70 sketches) and 4 full colored completed images

Level 5 $250-$299
This includes 40 pages of sketches, (minimum of 80 sketches) and 5 full colored completed images

Level 6 $300 (auto)
This includes 50 pages of sketches (minimum of 100 sketches) and 5 full colored completed images

Time Frame-
Obviously this is something that will be a longer project. I would ask for anywhere from a month to 3 months to complete this project, depending on the amount of artwork going into the book

Shipping- $3 shipping will be added to commission price. I will ship anywhere on the planet. :P

SB- $50
MI- $1
Auto- $300

This is CROSS posted on
I will try to keep both places updated with highest bid.

Commission Info

Status: OPEN
Requests: NO

  • Mood: Winter Downs


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